The Story

Behind Confidence Shape there's a woman who is a mom and an entrepreneur. That has decide to create an online retail store to bring to woman like her self the best shape wear brands.That's why she decided to become the official distributor of CYSM a Colombian brand who has been in business for years and well know for their quality of shape wear also known to have the largest collection of shape wear.


Is easy now a days to find shapewear any where even in the corner stores now. But hard to find good quality, I decided to team up with CYSM because I know and use  their quality. Once my life stared changing I became a mom everything change when I say EVERYTHING I mean from my hair to my toes. After I had my son I felt so different my body and my confidence wasn't there any more. I stranded working out, eating super healthy but one of the main things that help me was shape wear. And it was hard for me to find good quality shape wear that fit what I wanted an then I came across this amazing brand and everything change!

That's why I decided to create this amazing online store, because I don't want you to go thought what I did and I want to bring your confidence back. Or I want you to have the best shape wear from working out to medical. 

Remember you don't have to be thick to wear shape wear beauty come in all shapes!

Every piece is manufacture in Colombia the mother of shape wear. Made with the fines bio fabrics and more. 

                 Here I am wearing one of favorites I wear it every day the 1504      Seamless abdomen contouring thermal shorts they are super comfortable you even forget you have shape wear on. They do magic on your tummy and help with a little booty!